Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Anonymous Squealed My Identity.

You know, on a real anonymous blog, any topic should be fair game. I should be able to speak about anything, and by sharing my true feelings without fear of repercussions or consequence, I can get answers from you the readers on how to solve any problem I am working on.

Everyone has problems, and nobody is a good person through-and-through. I have never hid my issues from you, but now I will have to because now there will be topics that will be off-limits which completely negates the purpose of this blog.

Over the years I have become friends with many of my readers. Many of you have earned my trust, and through my earnest opinions (as unpopular as they may be, ) I have earned your trust even though we have never met. I count on you as a resource and as a friend when I am in need.

Now we have a virus among us; an anonymous scum reader who has taken the unethical step of blowing the whistle on my identity for no reason other than his or her own sick pleasure. Anonymous, while you're spinning and rotating in your chair and basking in your success at my failure, know that I have prayed against you and that you have G-d to answer to for your misdeed. You have until Yom Kippur to ask for my forgiveness or else you're stuck with the consequences of your actions, and you obviously don't understand the gravity of what you have done.

I watch who goes on this blog, and from what IP address. I watch who reads what, and for how long a person is at each page. I don't do this often, but the information is there if I need it. What I always find interesting is who finds my blog, and under what keywords in a google search they have found it. I have full confidence that those reading my uncensored blog have benefited from my opinions and the problems I have faced. Through back-and-forth comments, tough issues have been resolved. Anonymous, not only have you forced me to erase blog entries and limit what I speak about in the future to my own detriment, but you have also denied access to others who would and could have benefited from reading the posts leading the way to one solution after another. You have until Tishre and then it is only on you.

I have scrubbed the blog from comments that are damaging to my wife and to my family, and from now on, they are off limits. I have also disabled anonymous commenting so that you will have to jump through the hoop at least one time to create a false identity with Google and then we'll see who's the liar then.

I am quite pained that yet again, I have to go back and erase a piece of my past from your view. I have always said that we are a culmination of our experiences, and I've tried my hardest to make the Zoe Strickman blog character as close to the real life me as possible, innocuously and consistently changing facts that don't change the story or the circumstances. I've trusted you with my story and with the me I've shared with you, and Anonymous, you have broken my trust.