Friday, February 18, 2005

Summer in New Hampshire or China??

I am considering bolstering my resume with a few intellectual property courses, namely from Franklin Pierce Law Center. The two options would be either to take the courses for a month in New Hampshire, or to take their program in China. Either way, while it would be a month out of my life, it would give me specialized experience that I could get nowhere else.

Courses with classes on Friday afternoon and Saturday day are automatically out. That knocks out many of them. My consideration of the China program is 1) an opportunity to travel, 2) a chance to learn a new language and a new culture, and 3) it is likely that I will be working with companies in China, so it's a good idea to learn their law.

Kashrut and yiddishkeit considerations are: Kosher food in China will be hard to get, but with effort, anything is possible. Worst case is I become a vegetarian for a month. Regarding yiddishkeit, I am told there are shuls and jewish communities (can you believe it?), and a thriving local Chabad. Who can ask for anything more?

Off-topic, there's a talmudic quote that I look to when I feel that life is giving me a difficult time. "Just as the olive yields oil for light only when it is pounded, so are man's greatest potentials realized only under the pressure of adversity." Isn't that the story of our lives?

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kermitt10 said...

Go to china!!!
how often will you have that opportunity????