Thursday, January 25, 2007


Okay, it's official. My USPTO Patent Bar Exam is scheduled for FEBRUARY 12, 2007!
Your appointment for the computer-based U.S PATENT REGISTRATION EXAM is confirmed.

Please find the confirmation details that follow:
Client Candidate Id: XXXXX
Confirmation: 00000000XXXXXXXX
Program: United States Patent and Trademark Office
Exam Date: 12 Feb 2007
Exam Time: 09:00 (8 hrs)
Prometric Test Center
Okay, so this is it. As if I weren't already in crunch time. Now we're in super-crunch time-bar-review-mode. Honestly, I feel totally panicked, as if I am going to fail and all this studying will be for nothing. Nah, then again, I've studied diligently for months.

I completed the PLI Patent Bar Exam Home Study Course, a MONUMENTAL achievement. I passed the bar exam without a sweat on my brow; another monumental achievement. This is just ONE MORE STEP on the pathway from here to where I want to be. I can do this. I can.

All I need to do is to keep doing what I have been doing, just faster and more often. I need to get my times in order and get my body used to the conditions of an 8 hour exam. I need to take exams in 4 hour blocks, ideally twice in a day. That will condition me for the exam.

This is the end of my journey. This, other than the job search and interview process, is the last hurdle before I can start working as an attorney. I am very excited about this.

- Zoe

PS - One thing that I think is cowardish of me to mention is the thought of canceling or rescheduling if my scores are not high enough to pass the exam. There is no fee to cancel or reschedule the exam date, as long as 1) I call 2 business days in advance of the exam date by 12pm, and 2) that I reschedule the exam by the middle of April 2007, the end of the window of when I can take the exam. I SERIOUSLY DO NOT WANT TO RESCHEDULE, but if I won't pass, a reschedule might be the only option. The problem -- for me, at least -- is that knowing I have some kind of an out makes me feel that it is okay to slack off just a little bit because there is a way out.

Napoleon burned his ships after he landed with his troops on the enemy's shore to show his troops that there is NO FLEEING and NO TURNING BACK. The two options are VICTORY or DEATH. I need to feel the same way.

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Ahuva said...

There is nothing cowardly about rescheduling. I'm a little concerned that you're using an outdated study guide. I was under the impression that the only way to learn the material for this exam was through the study guides... but I could be misinformed. Is there any way you can get updated material, a list of updated rules, anything? You're going to need to know the updated rules when you start working anyway, right?

The most important thing for you right now is passing that exam so you can get the job you want. I'm sorry to be a wet blanket, but reading the last couple of posts makes it sound like you're putting leg irons on yourself and saying "I just have to condition myself to run with leg irons. I just have to try harder."

You might be bright enough to pull it off-- taking and retaking practice exams until you memorize the new material that way, but why are you doing this to yourself?