Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This comment is to my friend EG who made a comment on this post.

EG, obviously you're still my best friend. If your observance is where you want it to be (which I believe it likely is), then you shouldn't be sensitive or offended when someone makes a comment to remember that it is Shabbos where you are (noting that it was likely not allowed re: halacha to return your e-mail because it was Shabbos where you were, just as it is not allowed to make a phone call to a location where it is still Shabbos -- I was reminding you to mind your surroundings.) Think about it for a moment, and you'll notice that I put myself and my spiritual well-being at risk (something I will have to answer to on the day that I die and am judged by Hashem) and I consciously broke halacha by e-mailing you back to tell you that. I'd say that's an act of friendship.


Anonymous said...


You have good intenetions and I know you care. It wasn't about your intentions, but rather in the manner you put forth delivering your intentions. Your post was well put and whether I agree or disagree with the things you said (I don't agree), I value your opinion and was glad to hear it in the way I just did. Many times you come across in a cult like manner trying to correct my every action (i.e. how to wash, how to pray, etc...). I don't mind some things, but there is a time and place for everything. Remember, it can be insulting. I understand and respect your perspective....can you do the same for me?

I love you and miss you guys a lot. I can't wait to go skiing with you guys again like we did last year! Lets just choose a different cottage next with racoons isnt fun. :)


FrumBusinessGuy said...
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Zoe Strickman said...

Please note that I deleted the comment above because this person got involved in a MLM / pyramid scheme and I'm not so much into people advertising their businesses on my blogs. If you want to comment, comment. Don't spam.

Anonymous said...

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