Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Accidentally Caught an EVP in a "Reverse Speak" recording of my wife.

I'm actually a little bit upset at what happened tonight. I was playing with my recorder and recording my wife and playing it backwards to show her how unconscious messages are transmitted by the unconscious mind using the voice as a vehicle, and I accidentally picked up an EVP.

Let's clarify. Basically, "REVERSE SPEAK" is the concept that we speak on many levels, and our unconscious minds have the ability to transmit messages through the voice, which often are transmitted backwards, and the listener's brain picks up the messages and flips them back around.

The application is that when a man tells a woman "I love you" and in his mind he's thinking "You f'kin bi*#h," that highly negative message will be transmitted in the words "I love you," often just backwards. This is why sometimes we don't believe a person's intentions, but we cannot consciously understand why. However, if the person saying "I love you" is sincere, when you reverse the speech, often you'll find supporting messages like "you're wonderful" or something as simple as "I love you" reversed too. This is a very cool thing and I've played around with it to test my intentions and hear what is happening on another level.

However, tonight I was playing with it for the first time in quite a while, and as I was listening to my wife's voice, I heard another voice in almost a whisper. I got chills down my spine when I heard it because I got the feeling that it wasn't a human voice.

I slowed down the voice and withdrew the high pitched sounds of my wife's voice, and this left me with just the whispering I heard. It was saying "GET UP."

I decided to reverse the voice and see if there was anything there. When I reversed the voice, it said "LIE." I don't know whether this was lie as in "lie down," or "tell a lie," but either way it was not a welcome voice.

I told you bloggers a few months ago that I wasn't interested in playing with EVP because I was sure that if I tried it that it would work and I would end up freaking myself out. When I was a child, I was sure I heard demonic angry sounds from our shed. I never thought about it much, but when thinking back to this set of events, I attribute this event of the demon in the shed to a vivid imagination. I don't want to mention that there was this whole experience of the floor opening up [rocks separating] and a full visual hallucination that went along with it, but let's just say that I was a child with a healthy imagination.

Bringing us back to today, I do NOT want to hear voices on my recordings, and they are NOT welcome. The last thing I need are non-physical entities ("shin-daleds") who think that I can hear them. This is the last kind of energy I need at this time.

For more information on EVP's, I just did a quick google search and came up with this web site:

As for the recording, if someone has a way for me to upload it so that you can hear it and isolate the voice better than I was able to, I would be willing to put the file on the web -- just tell me where to put it to make it available to you.


Raine said...

OR you could be manifesting bi-polar type symptoms hun since you arent taking any meds. Maybe you consider a legitimate doctor......

Zoe Strickman said...

Hehe, I was thinking that as I was writing this entry. -Zoe

Raine said...


Ahuva said...

Or, you could think of it as some sort of message from either your subconscious or Hashem to "get up" and do some mitzvah you've been putting off. Zoe, you people get out of these things what they bring into them. There was a movie on this theme many years back, Jacob's Ladder, I think. If you keep your thoughts focused on Hashem, angels, the shekinah, etc. then you are more likely to fill in the gaps (like the associations you're bringing to the phrase "get up") with more comfortable thoughts.

Patrick said...

Very interesting that you would pick up a paranormal occurrence at the same time you are trying to use the recorder for another type of paranormal activity--Reverse Speech.
From what I've read, we are surrounded by spirits and are bound to capture EVP at any given moment.

Zoe Strickman said...

Funny, that IS interesting... Do you really think that Reverse Speak is a paranormal activity?? I think it might be basic psychology or science, namely that the unconscious mind communicates on many levels and can be actually tracked with a voice recorder in speech?? [Just a thought]


Patrick said...

I was thinking whether or not I should call it 'paranormal' when I was writing it, Zoe, but according to Wikipedia: "Paranormal is an umbrella term used to describe a wide variety of reported anomalous phenomena." So I think it qualifies as paranormal (beyond the ordinary).

Your blog is excellent!

Anonymous said...

As a traditional memorex tape picks up electronic shapes as it passes over a magnetic head, telepathic communications stick to our vocal waves as they pass through the air to our ears. I am of the firmest opinion that other beings, entities what-have-you (trees incl) are moving in time oppposite ours.

Steven said...

I'm not surprised that you are hearing talking like this. If I had read this a year ago, I would have said this guys hearing things, but after I started recording just to see if I could pick up anything, I started getting voices. Then I found out MANY others have before. They get dismissed by skeptics as CB radios, RF interference, and the mind playing tricks. I was skeptic at first which made me want to try this. Oh boy, what you can get in a recording. Some wonderful, some disturbing. Even if you don't want to hear the voices in your recordings, you will eventually, at least from my experience and many others.

Zoe Strickman said...

It has been over three years since I wrote this post, and part of me is sorry I didn't upload the audio to the blog site. I don't quite remember which recording it was, or where I could retrieve it even if I wanted to now.

One thought that I'll share with you that you should be asking yourself -- what IF they figure out that you can hear them? Do you really want those entities paying attention to you? There is pure evil in some of them (probably most of them), and if you delve into mystical texts, you'll learn enough to scare the sh** out of you -- why would you want THEIR attention?

I recall being upset that I even picked up the EVP in the first place. I was working very hard to lead a religious life, and the last thing I wanted was some disembodied entity clinging on to my life force and the holiness I was bringing down by saying blessing and doing mitzvot. Moreover, I feared for my life and my safety because shin-daleds are not something you want messing with you. I remember thinking that I would rather just be left alone and not have my life, my health, my family, or my well being tampered with.

Saying this out of caution and not fear, this is probably something that is better left alone.

Lena said...

Would you mind sharing your file with me, I can hear -db on 4 levels. I would love to transcribe and make audible what you have not yet heard

Interesting findings.I have found that our animals can express themselves through EVP.I thought I had a perverted spirit, who wanted to be in bed with me and always saying he loved me, ultimately it was my dog. Its actually amazing to learn my dogs think the cat is the enemy and scrappy thinks we went for a ride and we are home now, all excited when I just moved the car over in the driveway. He exits the car with excitement and his subconscious thought waves describe why. The mind is the least understood and the most intruiging.

Anonymous said...
watch peggy.