Thursday, January 10, 2008

Letter to friend about what is happening with us.

Sam & Joy,

I took a job outside New York City which started on Jan 3rd, and so we moved to Crown Heights. We’re not so far away, except we’re having landlord issues (he keeps changing the terms on us and won’t sign a lease) and so we might need to find another apartment. Last week (my first week on the job) I almost got fired for taking off early on Friday afternoon for Shabbos. With the new job and all my free time sucked away, it’s difficult to take care of everything, especially with one car and pressures from work to be the super-worker and not ever taking lunch because they are looking at me negatively from the Shabbos issue.

My wife, my son, and I do appear to be cocooning a bit, but that is because she is stuck at home without a car or internet, I am stuck at work with the car but no time, and our son is as cute as ever growing into a little boy who is starting to make talking sounds. My work is over an hour away from the house, but this was the best Jewish community with reasonable rent within driving distance, so to schlep my wife and our son with me to work just to give her the car for a few hours (driving home and back will take close to 3 hours of driving alone) is a big hassle for everybody.

We’re not unpacked, and we have no washer or dryer. We have no telephone service at the house (landlord won’t release their phone line to us), and no internet (now I’m using a weak wi-fi signal to connect, albeit the connection is SLOW). So we’re kind of in a tough place right now, but this is the best place we’ve ever been yet. We just have to let things figure themselves out with time.

We’ll resurface soon and will invite you guys over to our house (wherever we end up living) soon, or we’ll go over there soon. I’m just trying to figure out the details because things are difficult now from so many angles.

How are you doing?


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