Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Tea can make the bad feelings go away."

By the way, you should know that my wife and I made up about an hour into the fight. My wife didn't realize that she hurt my feelings, and wounded them even more when she mocked me when I tried to tell her how I felt.

However, a few minutes later, she apologized, and she told me that she appreciated everything I did and all the work I did, and that there were even certain issues she would like me to fight for on our behalf. Namely, the term of the lease must consistently reflect the 3-year option to renew; the penalty for breaking the lease must be limited to the security deposit; and, the last month's rent is not a security deposit, but a rent deposit.

An hour later, she again asked me if I was feeling down about the whole lease thing, and I told her that there weren't any feelings that were still hurt, but I was still having lingering feelings of hurt. I told her that she hurt me pretty deep and that I believed that we resolved everything, but that my feelings were still down from the initial hurt which doesn't go away just because the cause of the hurt has been resolved. She said, "Tea makes it all better, want some?" and I said, "yes, please."

So yes, I feel better about it all, and I am a bit more calm about the whole situation. I can't stop my wife from wanting to live in this apartment, and I can't protect her (us) from sneaky landlords when she won't stand behind me on it. However, I do believe she will be happy here, and I do know that she likes this home very much and me putting the table together and putting the Mezuzahs up (although in my mind, I did it for temporary reasons) made her view the house more as a home that she really wants to live in. So, I'm giving her what she wants, and tomorrow, unless the landlord is unreasonable about the terms of the lease or he pulls another one of his tricks, I'll sign the lease and start our lives in our new home.

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Ahuva said...

Your poor wife just wants peace, stability and certainty at any cost. I just pray that the cost is not greater than she realizes.

It's possible that I just don't understand how things work in the Chassidic community, but I smell a scam.

Please do this paranoid blogger a favor and check to see if this man has ever been taken to civil or rabbinic court. I'm just not comfortable with the story of "my cousin owns this apartment" followed 7 days later with the man's children suddenly living in the apartment and not wanting to vacate... and then all the misugas that's followed. It just doesn't feel right to me. I mean.. come on.. there are halachic problems with an adult brother and sister living together by themselves; this doesn't sound like a modern family that's lenient with yichud.

I think they see a young frum couple from out of town with a newborn-- "kids" in a fairly vulnerable situation, ready to be taken advantage of.

Please, G-d, let me be wrong. But, please, at least check to see if this guy has been taken to court before.