Sunday, January 04, 2009

Avakesh's video post on Shidduchim.

I must give credit to Avakesh for this video... I smiled when I watched it (although it *does* cut off towards the end which isn't that big of a deal) because I went through the same thing. Somehow, G-d took me out from the college-secular life, and put me head-first into a yeshiva. From there, I started anew, and now I have what many would consider to be a chassidishe family. I would tend to agree, but as you know, my standards are quite high, and so I know that certain things detract from my holiness, namely movies, etc. but I have no intention of changing that at this time. Maybe when I am wiser and when I understand what I am doing to myself (in a "daas" kind of way), I'll kick the habit.

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Zoe Strickman said...

Okay, on second thought, this was a REALLY DUMB video showing how stupid and disconnected these idiots are from reality. Maybe it's just that everyone there has silly haircuts from the 1980's. I was particularly offended by the guy's comment that "all I was looking for in a woman was MONEY so that I can continue to study." How idiotic, shallow, selfish that boy was! I hope he has come to his senses, but what gets me angry is that there are countless more who think exactly the same way.

The only reason I was so excited by this video at first was because I went through the same process of being in yeshiva, getting married, and then having a family in the same way as those in this video did. I think I even had exactly the same music at my wedding as this guy did -- I can't say that's a testament to it being good or anything; just that I did things traditionally and I'm proud of it.