Monday, January 19, 2009

Missed minyan.

I'm not exactly sure what I'm writing about. It's 6:30am and again I've missed minyan because I couldn't get myself together in time to head out the door and it makes no sense showing up half an hour late which is what it would be if I got dressed and left now. Minyan is at 6:30am here, and I set the alarm clock for 5:45am (I cannot get myself to agree to wake up to a time earlier than this, and I've often tried 5am, 5:15am, etc. but I don't seem to wake up to these times) and I *DID* wake up, but my goal was to run to the kitchen and turn on the hot water, run to the computer, load iTunes so that it can download podcast content so that I can listen to it on my hour commute to work, hop in the shower, get packed (pack lunch) and head off to minyan. I didn't make it past loading up iTunes.

I got so gripped by the news (interestingly nothing of content) that now it is 6:35am and again I missed minyan.


Ahuva said...

Have you thought about downloading your podcasts before you go to bed? That way you don't even have to turn your computer on in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about podcasting your downloads after you go to bed? That way you don't even have to turn your head on in the morning.Also if you like to listen to your podcast on your hour commute to work, you should put a podcast on your commute that way you could cast your pod on your commute. You probably sleep in everyday because you're up all night yelling at your kid and fighting your wife.