Monday, January 02, 2006

Comment on Shidduchim

I know that many of you have recommended that I not date during these unsteady times until I have my life in order, but I feel that the time will never be perfect to marry, and because compatible are so rare in my experience, if a good girl comes, I will take her as a wife. I am almost thirty years old and this age of mine looms in my head. I do not wish to be an old father. I also do not wish to spend my life alone until I "get it together". I feel that part of "getting it together" is finding someone whom you can relate to and who you can partner up with so that you both can grow in a positive direction. Without a wife, I am alone.


Anonymous said...

You know it, but you want other people to say it, so I will: you need to find yourself before you find a wife.

Anonymous said...

Just date, and if it gets serious, have your intended read your blog before agreeing to marry you.