Saturday, January 21, 2006

I need to get out from my dad's house.

I had a conversation with my Rabbi about davening (praying) and putting on Tefillin. He said the mitzvah (commandment) for men to put on Tefillin is such an important one that I should strongly consider putting them on even on days that I don't get to daven in the morning -- he said this with the express disclaimer that he is not condoning not davening, but if I am not going to daven, at least I should still do the mitzvah of putting on Tefillin.

On another note, I'm getting frustrated by the living conditions in my house with my dad. He is just completely disorganized, and I feel like I'm getting infected by his disorganization because my own room is starting to look like an uncleanable mess. I just feel like I am so busy that it should be someone else's responsibility to clean up after my dad (perhaps my dad should have that responsibility) and if I don't do it, he goes nuts overboard messing everything up with his junk. I would say he is like the kid whose father never told him to hang up his coat when he came home from school. He has no sense of organization and it drives me absolutely nuts!

I'm actually looking for an apartment to get out of this hellhole of an apartment without a sink or a kitchen, and I'm looking for something closer to a shul and school. I would pay $600 per month for an apartment, but beyond that, I am having a difficult time justifying that kind of rent when there is no income coming in. By the way, $600 is the cheapest rent I can find.

I was just looking for a picture on google to put on the top of this post, and I searched for the word "jail" because that is how I feel about being in this house with my dad. I just wanted to comment that I am envious of the picture I chose, because it is so clean there. I wish my room were that organized.


Rowan said...

hi zoe! I'm back now!
Just wanted to wish you luck in finding an appartment, I know how hard it is to find the right one, and if you are as tidy a person as I imagine you are, sometimes the cheapest appt. is also the dirtiest. Hope you find something you can be at peace with.

Daphnewood said...

not to arouse the battle of the sexes or anything but often 2 men living together is a recipe for disaster. Good luck on finding (and affording) a new place.

Zoe Strickman said...

Thanks, I'm working on it. You'll see that I really messed things up financially, but I'm working on fixing it.