Wednesday, December 21, 2005

New Matisyahu Video; My feelings about it.

There is a new video which I found to be inspiring. The video can be found here. It features Matisyahu as a moving character billboard on the wall. I enjoyed the words posted in the background because I often find Reggae songs hard to follow, but here, the words were beautiful.

I felt that with the black hat and the white shirt, I was inspired to return to dressing because while I think Matisyahu captured the essence of what it means to be today, his message wasn't one about limitations and conformity, but unity between souls and helping another person in need.

I haven't worn my white shirt and black hat combination in some time because I've been embarrassed the way I look wearing it. People see me as channeling someone I am not, and it felt weird being asked all these questions about Torah and Judaism when I as of late have been pretty secular myself.

I guess the message here is that it is never too late to return to being outwardly Chassidic and it is probably wrong of me to hide it by dressing secularly. The affect the garb has on people is stunning, and I shouldn't take away from others that religious inspiration which the clothing inspires in others because of my own insecurities of not being myself.


LubyVitcher said...

I see so much confusion as to where you are holding with your yiddishkeit on your blog. I worry about you going on shidduchim. Honestly, I worry more for the girl that is set up with someone that is waivering. Think about stabilizing yourself before you continue dating, maybe even finding a mashpia that you can DISCUSS EVERYTHING with, otherwise who will you turn to once you do get married and the dust settles. Being chassidishe isn't about what you "feel" like in the moment. We baal tesheuvas can be righteous about our knowledge until it doesn't fit what we might desire. We have halacha to guide our lives and teach or train ourselves to be consistent. I can't think of any baal teshuva girl that would want to date someone that had been clubbing recently or posted the kinds of pictures you have put on your have mentioned that you would like your blog to be discovered or that your beshert should read your blog. When I was dating a Rov told me I had to reveal a medical issue on the third date, so that it would not go too "far" without that knowledge. Would you show your blog to a girl after the 3rd date, do you think she would continue after that??

Anonymous said...

I saw Matiyahu at a hotel in Arizona where he was the gues for Passover along with Rabbi Manis Freedman ( and i thought his garb was a bit over-the-top, all hanging out... but if it sells albums, then i guess its working.