Wednesday, November 09, 2005

How to Vivify the Resume and Catch Someone's Attention

This is my first name in Chinese letters:

The problem is that it is listed as a female name. Any idea if the Chinese letters indicate that it's a female name?

My idea is to put my Chinese name on my resume that I send out to law firms, so that they can see that I have a connection to China. My goal is to specialize within the patent attorney field with regard to Chinese IP; specifically, to patent Chinese products here in the United States. I believe this will be my selling point over all the other dull resumes that will be my competition.

However, I don't yet have a Chinese name and for all I know, these chinese letters can mean "stupid American." So I must be careful what I put on there. I'd like to choose a name and have it done professionally. This one looks cheap.


Jewish Blogmeister said...

Are you going to learn Chinese then? You better start now that's one difficult language to learn not to mention reasding down the page.

Zoe Strickman said...

While I will never be literate in Chinese, I've been learning to speak Chinese since May.

Plus, the important thing is that most Chinese speak English, and secondly, while from my summer training in China I know Chinese IP and patent law, I will be working with American Law filing patents here, so knowledge of their law is purely for rapport and for a comparative advantage over other attorneys who don't know how to break into the field. -Zoe

Rowan said...

hmmm, you could ask this guy: BOBI he is one of the blogs I read, and he is a chinese student, but is rather fluent...he may be able to help you out.