Thursday, July 14, 2005

As you can see, I put up some more pictures. Today after our exam on the taxi ride back to the hotel, one of the participants suggested that he wanted to go to the Forbidden City before he left China. I had not seen any of the sights either since I have been here, so I told him that I would love to go also. A third classmate in our taxi said to us "why don't you go right now?" I said "let's do it!" and we stopped at the subway station and headed over to the Forbidden City, just like that. You might wonder "what are you doing with your roommate? I thought he was not your friend." That's the interesting part. I have found that enemies make loyal friends after you turn around and befriend them after disliking them. That is just an interesting psychological dynamic. Anyway, I am glad we went. When we got there, we paid for an audio wireless tour guide, which broadcast the beauties and descriptions of each site as we walked towards it.


Rowan said...

at last you can breathe!

Malka said...

Hey Zoe!

thanks for sharing the pics - must be quite the experience.. almost like peeling an onion ;-) The pic of the boy standing at the entrance of the gold adorned house is a particularly good shot.

Good on you for making it through your exam and, seriously, you almost have to be a "God of Laws" to navigate the provisions of GATT, WTO and the like and pull it off!


Anonymous said...

Great post, great pics...wish i was there.