Thursday, July 28, 2005

I WALK in THEIR shoes.

I was blown away by the resistance I got both via e-mail and on the comments from the last post about sexual morality. I've posted my last comment as a post of its own here because it merited its own space. Surprisingly enough, I believe strongly in what I wrote. Somehow, each of us (to our individual ability) needs to beat this free-sex attitude that plagues our people. I am also infected by it, and I fight it daily. It is a problem that I wish would go away. Even better, I wish G-d never prohibited it in the first place.


Pragmatician said...

The many reactions you've got only prove that you weren’t exaggerating the problem.
Has anyone come up with some constructive advice or solutions?

Todd V said...

Other than using some ill-advised names ("scum" etc), I think your original post was a good "kick" in the butt. I undertand where you were coming from- you were giving yourself a blunt reminder. I'll email you on this too. Hang in there. You're a good soul at the heart of it.


Rowan said...

LOL! I liked the part where you said: Even better, I wish G-d never prohibited it in the first place.

Too true. I cannot imagine what you go through daily, perhaps that is why I think I hear angriness sometimes, the longest I've ever gone without any intimacy in 10 years was 7 months, and at that point, I would have welcomed anything I think, course, luckily, I found my husband and haven't had to worry about that since. Not that it is a wonderful thing, but is masturbation allowed in Judaism? I know it isn't welcomed in my faith, but what is your take on it? Just Curious.

kaspit said...

... in the first place"

Here you could put in the Talmudic story of the Rabbis capturing the yetzer ha-ra. As life started floundering, they had to let it go. (Blinded it first, I believe.)

Just wanted to visit and thank you for your generous and kind words about my blog. Hope you'll visit again (and leave some lawyerly analysis behind). Kol tuv.

Jack said...


I appreciate your struggles, but they remind me why this aspect doesn't attract me. I find it too limiting and think that there is a way to balance things without going SN.

But that is my choice and it is ok for others to feel differently.