Sunday, July 03, 2005

I was asking you for help.

Hello all, or shall I say hello none. It seems like in this hall of the frumpter blog there is nothing but the echo of my writing, which is not that much different from the real world. I am alone here in a strange country without friends, family, or loved ones. As I've said before, it is the whole idea of coming home to an empty room that I have become sadly used to.

In my last blog I wrote some things that two people took what I wrote personally. Well, perhaps one of them rightfully so. The point of that blog entry was that I am lacking real constructive criticism and I am seriously beginning to wonder whether my reclusivity is really masked depression or mental illness. I saw the Aviator movie and I related to the Hughs character which scared me because he was obsessive compulsive. The problem is that instead of deep thought being provoked by my words, instead I am either generating hate mail or cheerleaders cheering me on. These people who are commenting me are known to have various ailments (don't we all), and I was hoping to get them to reflect their knowledge of their ailments to help me understand whether what I am going through is normal or whether there is reason for concern.

Anyway, I posted a new profile character instead of the hairy monster I've had since I started the blog. The problem is that the picture looks too much like me and I fear that my identity will be compromised since people that know me frequent this site not knowing I am the author.

Anyway, it is 3:30am and I know I will miss my classes tomorrow because I am not in the mood to go to class because I haven't prepared my room or my food for the day and I don't want to venture out without those prepared. Plus, I don't have much interest in the subject matter and I know that since I am up so late, my body will never wake up in time. This is just one of those things I will need to deal with.

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