Thursday, July 14, 2005

Three final exams down, last one (China IP Law) tomorrow morning, 10am. This is the room where I have had my classes and exams in Beijing. I am very happy that somehow I made it through all my finals (so far). It seems as if each exam has been progressively more difficult. This last one (World IP Law) was an open book, but the topics were so difficult, so wide, and so broad that you really needed to know how to navigate your way around TRIPS and the WTO and the provisions of GATT to know what you were talking about. It was like I was a god of the law, as I was pulling my answers and backing each one with article citations from the various laws. After I was done, I took a deep breath and let out a large sigh because I couldn't believe the exam was finished. This was by far the most difficult and the most rewarding class.

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