Sunday, July 03, 2005

Here is a straight-on (and yet fuzzy, sorry) picture of my bathroom. Notice the size of the bathtub! I couldn't get over the feel of the walls against my fingertips.
You'll notice (and please excuse the fact that) I'm not in most if not all of these pictures. This is because I'm pretty much on my own here in China, and when I tried to talk to the natives, they had no idea what I was saying; plus, they laughed at me like little children would because they'd never seen a real beard before. I'm not sad about this -- in fact, I've been working on my Mandarin since I got here. I have around 17 hours of learning under my belt, and whatever I've learned, I've been using with the locals. I hope to be able to have a very basic conversation with people in Chinese by the time I leave in fourteen days. Interestingly enough, I plan on continuing my Chinese language study as a hobby because from what I've been learning, from a business standpoint, I believe it might be a good language to know.

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