Tuesday, July 12, 2005

This is the Xi Jiao Hotel where I am staying in Beijing, China. I've changed rooms again; I think I have stayed in every kind of room this hotel offers. Now I have ended up right across from the room I first was in when I moved out from sharing a room with my old room mate. (In the end, he ended being a nice guy surprisingly who will be the few I will keep in touch with to say hello to from time to time. We will never be friends like I imagine friends should be to each other, nevertheless, he would be one of those people I say hello to for no other reason than we went through a tough time together and have history together. Those friendships are the weirdest for me to understand because there is otherwise no reason to be friends with the person. I wonder why people have friends like this.) With all this said, however, I do still feel that it was a very smart move to move out of that room.

One more thing. In switching rooms, I realized that the room rate I've been being charged was significantly higher in Yuan (Chinese Dollars) than the hotel agreed to in their contract with our group. This is not such a big deal, and it is at most a $50 US problem which the hotel will not help resolve. There is just too much red tape to deal with, and the managers do not want to fix their error of listing me with the wrong group who agreed to higher rates.

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