Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dog Dream

I was in my family’s house, and the house was old. Our co-owner of the house had moved out and was trying to oust my family from our home. I walked into their empty side of the house and noticed that everything was new, shiny, and high-tech. When I peeked through the doors separating our side of the house from theirs, the door was separated enough to show our aged yellow carpet with old, dirty walls and wooden décor. I took notice of this difference and wondered why my side of the family didn’t take care of our side of the house.

Upon returning to our side, I looked around the house and everything seemed relatively clean – old, but clean. Then the dream advanced hours into the future, and water from one of the rooms to the left of the hallway was overflowing into the hallway. When I went to shut off the water, I noticed that there was a giant dead attack dog floating in the water, all bloodied. I couldn’t help to notice that 1) the teeth were sharp as razors, 2) it was a very big dog, and 3) someone put it there. Perhaps it was a message to get out.

The next thing I knew was that there were dead dogs in every room. When we analyzed the bone of one of the dogs, we noticed that there was a black pill inside. When we opened up the pill, we found a tar-like substance which I concluded was a potent poison which our co-owner neighbor had planted to kill us. It was obvious to me that this was his plan, and this was a good plan because with us dead, there was nobody to oppose him when he took control and ownership over the home. It surprised me that just as our neighbor had placed the poison pill in one dog, the heads of the other dogs contained explosive devices. I wanted to call the police and file a report, but how could I prove that exploding dog heads were someone’s plan to kill us?

The dream advanced a few hours and I was now a member of the police force fighting off dangerous attack dogs which were in our side of the home. I was given a shotgun and a rifle with large round bullets and we were having target practice on a fake rotating doll house. The holes my gun made were bigger than that of the other officers that were shooting at the house. As I shot more bullets than were in my rifle, the other officers were surprised at the accuracy of my aim. My partner and I loaded up with miniature ammunition and we prepared ourselves with bulletproof vests ready for the next attack. As I woke up, I remember thinking that it felt good having such a good friend as my partner was.

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Daphnewood said...

At least you end up empowered by the end of the dream. That is important. It means you really do feel confident in your abilities deep down ;-)