Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Gates to be Opened.

I shouldn't have written that last post about my father. He's really a wonderful man. There is just a lot of messed up things that happened because of his belief systems and what you see in his life is the karmic result. I do believe there is divine justice, and that nature or some G-dly force has his eye on you even when you are alone. Whether you are a good person or not is not the determining factor whether you will have a good life. The determining factor is 1) what you do with your life, and 2) how you live it. If you live a life floating down the current, so to speak, moving with the herd, so to speak, your life will be mediocre like everyone else's life is. If you inject a sense of gusto into your world and are proactive -- essentially, if you are always one step ahead of life, and you influence life instead of life influencing you -- then the doors for a good and meaningful life swing wide open, the light shines, and an invitation for the good life appears in your pocket. However, live a life passive indulgence and just go with the flow, then no soup for you.

Choose wisely.

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ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

Hey there,

Yes, I wasn't going to mention it until you tourself brought it up, but the post about your father was irrationally cold. As for the last sentence of this post: I fear to a degree that you are TOO sanctimonious and tend to expect everyone to life by your own standards (which from the common thread throughout a majority of your posts makes you downright miserable), standards which you are in no position to hold as greater than any other. Considering that you have not been following/trying to adhere to these standards for a lengthy period yourself, you need to think about whether you are following them for the "right reasons" (true devotion to something larger than yourself) or for the "wrong" ones (simply wanting to be in an "exclusive club" of sorts); if the former case is true, then you would not be NEARLY as miserable or short-sighted (as in fixated only on finishing school = making money as well as on instantly needing a wife submissive to your desires). I strongly suspect there is something else going on in your head that you are either trying to ignore or consciously deny but that needs to be seriously addressed if you are going to be happy at all. Swallow your pride rather than let your pride lead you into an increasingly sanctimonious state, and you may find the ability to address underlying problems. It will also allow you to be able to espouse your opinions critical of others if you admit and take care of YOUR problems first.