Monday, April 11, 2005

Sleep Reprovation

64. I am spooked out by reading my past two blog entries. What kind of mood was I in?!? My loneliness does sometimes surface, especially with the busy law school lifestyle that takes away any free time that would normally be devoted to more human pursuits. Yet it is also true that for the most part, I am an introvert and I love my time alone. By the way, please don't think poorly of me for using the harsh language I did in that post. It was appropriate and necessary to express my state of mind at that time in its purest sense. Hiding those vulgarities with less potent words would have destroyed the message.

Anyway, it's 11pm, and my body is beginning to get used to the idea of going to sleep at a normal time. Three hours each night was simply unhealthy. I never was an insomniac, rather, I just had better things to do than to sleep. I find that on double that, I am becoming more cheerful and more balanced. I just hope I am not ruining my productivity because for the past two weeks, I have been finding these sixteen-hour days to be really short compared to the twenty-one hour days I've been used to for the past two years.

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