Monday, August 22, 2005

50 MPH saves gas

Coming home from a close friend's Sheva Berachos (after-wedding party), I remembered seeing a speed limit sign when I was younger that said, "50 MPH SAVES GAS." Because the gas prices are getting pretty high, I decided to slow down the car to 50 MPH and drive home. I'm usually a speed demon; my usual average [averaging the highs AND the lows] speed is around 80 MPH. I did a quick calculation and I realized that going fifty will add another few minutes onto my ride, but nothing so imposing. I drove the whole way home going fifty, AND IT WAS VERY RELAXING!

I think from now on I will slow down my driving and learn to relax more effectively. By the way, does anyone know if this really does save gas?

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Rowan said...

it will only save gas on a country road or a highway . stopping and starting your car, not maintaining speed (having to slow down) and using your passing gear all have an affect on how much gas u use.