Monday, August 22, 2005

Wedding Hottie Seduction

The wedding was beautiful. I mean BEAAUTIFUL! My friend (the groom) called it a $30,000 dinner.

I remember throughout the wedding ceremony thinking "l'chatchila (before-the-fact), not okay. bidieved (after-the-fact), it's kosher." The chosson and callah (groom and bride) weren't standing under the chuppa (wedding canopy). Okay, l'chatchila, probably not okay. Bidieved, I think it was okay because they were sort of under it. The rent-a-rabbi (who ended up being a nice guy) was under the chuppa with his table. I wanted to tell them to move the chuppa over them, but I didn't want to sound baal teshuva'ish. [A baal teshuva is someone who is newly religious, as in a few days to a few years.] The groom's father was standing there, as was the rabbi. They are both religious. Surely, if there was a problem, they would have noticed and said something. Plus, there were four stages of the wedding, each alone which can make a person betrothed. Okay, no worries, they were married. It was kosher, thank G-d.

When I saw the bride cry from happiness at the various stages of the wedding, all my doubts about her erased. I am very happy for them, and I believe it was meant to be. I was also impressed that while the bride and groom were not themselves religious, they did everything a religious orthodox wedding would do. I was very impressed.

The dancing was nice. There was no mechitza (separation) between the men and the women, but the men made their own circle and we danced away like real chassidim. Power circles, that's what I call them when chassidic guys start dancing at an incredible speed that the circle seems to start to move on its own. If or when a woman would join the circle, the circle would disband and the religious men would stop dancing.

After a few drinks of wine, I was sitting at our table next to a friend of mine who enjoys figuring out with me how to seduce every attractive woman at the table. Its a game we play, and because there is no risk because I would never do anything sexual with anyone because I'm religious, I enjoy the conversation.

There was a woman there with her boyfriend. She was a hottie. I've known her boyfriend for many years -- he is truly a nice man through and through. After a few drinks, I wanted to show my friend who was trying to seduce her with his words how it was done. Of course she was no risk, especially since nothing would ever come of it; if for some crazy reason her and her boyfriend didn't work out, we'd never see her again. She wasn't friends with either the bride or the groom.

What I was trying to show my friend was that just talking "stuff" with a girl -- objective facts and experiences -- really doesn't do anything for her. You have to really get INTO her head, swim around in her thoughts, and let her experience her feelings through your words. Be very interested not in what she does, but who she is. Get to the essence of it. Arouse her with your words but don't be interested yourself. Tease her by using subtleties, but don't ever let on that what you're talking about is really sexual. Leave it to me, I was playing the drunk rebel who was obviously deeper than the surface warmth she saw on my face. She wanted mystery and I showed her darkness and depth which was arousing for our conversation.

She liked my questions. My friend described it that I didn't only get into her private space, but I swam around in it, comfortable and unobtrusive. I was in the private parts of her private space with my words, and she was enjoying the clever exchanges and the unexcused intrusions.

At one point I went too far with my words and it was obvious that she got uncomfortable. But she didn't walk away; she lashed back at me at what my friend described as an open confrontation. I was dealing with a very smart and quick woman with a very quick mind and a sharp tongue. I loved how she turned the questions on me when they went too deep. My friend said that I suprisingly kept my ground with quick answers and that sparks flew with our exchanges. Although we both enjoyed the fire or our words, my friend was uncomfortable because he wasn't sure whether we were playing with our fire or whether we were in a confrontation.

For me (and later the woman told me for her), the conversation was highly sexual and erotic. We spoke nothing about sex or nakedness or anything of the sort. However, the intimacy and the depth of the conversation was very arousing.

Again, this was no threat to either of us. The topic of our conversation what what about her boyfriend makes her feel loved deep inside. By the end of our conversation, I saw her standing behind her boyfriend with her arms around him and with her body held up close against his back. I felt sad that I was alone, and I wished for G-d to introduce me to a shidduch soon. Being single is painful.

I left the wedding with a good feeling about the whole experience. My friend was upset that we didn't get the girl's name; I told him it was better that way. If I knew her name, then I would remember her and miss her. By not knowing her name, she will remain in my mind as just that girl at the wedding. I wish her and her boyfried all the best. They are both good people.


Rowan said...

What a wonderful post, and you have proven to yourself once more that you will be able to invoke much in any shidduch that you meet. This was a wonderful excercize in re-realizing your sexual prowess. Nice! Again you proved there is more to you than meets the eye.

Barefoot Jewess said...

Why do you think it's okay to flirt with someone else's girlfriend?

Malka said...

Hey Zoe,

Am glad to hear that your friends had a wonderful simcha! Good for them! Sounds like you had an amazing time!


Lyss said...

The description of you hitting on someon else's girlfriend + gettig all macho to show your buddy 'how its done' does not make you seem like the moral person that you portray yourself as earlier in the post.
Glad you liked the tongue's good to know that powerful and smart women don't scare all men.

ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

You sound so much more spirited and "alive" in general since I was last here at your blog. Dare I say there is happiness creeping into your soul? Hmm...I hope so, you deserve it. :-)

Zoe Strickman said...

Thank you -- It is now a few months later and hindsight, I still remember the intimacy and eroticism of the conversation. It was erotic for me to get under someone's skin and to twirl around in there. I haven't done that in some time.