Monday, August 29, 2005

Cloud Busting Videos Online

Okay. I don't want anyone to throw stones at me. I mentioned this a few months ago, here, then here and here.

Basically, when I was younger, a man taught me a form of Hawaiian mysticism he referred to as Huna. In this practice, he taught me that it was possible to look at a cloud, think about its disintegration, and with the power of my thoughts connected to the reality that surrounds me, the clouds would disintegrate.

I have tried this literally hundreds of times and it has worked literally hundreds of times. There were days in yeshiva that I would lay on a mattress on the roof, and with my thoughts I would pop them as if I were popping a balloon, except each cloud took anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes of concentrated mind power. As sad as this fact is, the original reason I decided to become religious was to get an answer why and how this works. It's years later and I still don't have an answer, but after a while of various people mocking me after I divulged this secret to them, I decided that it was time to video tape it for myself and prove to them that I wasn't imagining this.

I taped a few clouds being busted while I was in Israel, and I taped a few clouds this past Thursday. Finally, I figured out how to get them online. I put four of them online -- they are not the best ones, but they are the ones that were on my desktop. Download and look at the videos if you would be willing to [1) here, 2) here, and 3) here,] and tell me what you think. Feel free to go outside and try to do this yourself. I'm looking for explanations, not whether this is real or not. It's real; that much I know. What it is I am doing, I can't explain or understand. I feel like a G-d or a Superman, but I know there has to be some real, scientific explanation to this.

I don't understand how or why this works. Here are my possible explanations for my experience: 1) Perhaps I am connected to everything, and my thoughts can literally influence the outside world and manifest [and destroy] things at will; 2) I can conjure the wind to blow away clouds; 3) I have a psychic ability for telling which clouds will dissolve within 30 seconds; 4) Unconsciously I sense which clouds will disappear and in which order; 5) I would be a good weatherman. [When I say "I," I actually mean you and me as human beings. Trust me, I am certainly not special. If I can do it, you can too, whatever the "it" is that I can do.

Anyone, please download the files and comment. Sorry for their size; I didn't know how to convert them from their original .avi file format, so they're about 8-10 megs each. Most of all, if you have ANY explanations, please please please tell me, because I've been hitting my head against a wall (not literally) for years trying to find out this mystery. If anyone wants, I can record more videos. Sorry about not having voice on the recordings; I am using my cheap digital photo camera to take the .avi videos.

Warm regards,


callieischatty said...

I think it sounds like an inkblot.

Pragmatician said...

I can't watch the video's right now, but I think every cloud does that, regardless of whether you think about it or not.
Observe clouds once without the concentrating part!

Scott said...

Hello Zoe,
I found a post of yours on Barbara's "Women on the Verge of Thinking", and don't know why but followed your link here. I have read most of your blog, it is very interesting, but decided that I would write here, as this is something I know about, Huna, cloud busting and such. Don't let Pragmatician make you think that you had nothing to do with those clouds dispersal, cause you did. And you actually know why, you stated it as the first of your 'theories' about why it works. In my studies of Shamanism, Huna, and various traditions tricks such as this are used to instill the wonder I see in your words about this. They show HOW CONNECTED we are to the Universe and can be tools to further develop the ability to 'remember' that connection. Since you are of the Jewish faith I would recommend one book for you: MAGIC OF THE ORDINARY, Recovering the Shamanic in Judaism , written by Gershon Winkler. It is one of the best written books from a Judaic Shamanic perspective and since I wouldn't try to lead you away from your faith, I think that even though it is definitely not 'Orthodox', you will find alot that will interest you and answer some of your questions about the ability you have found in yourself. You might also find some answers about yourself within the covers of this book as Rabbi Winkler is a very very smart fellow. You just have to love a Jewish man who returned to the roots of his faith and turned Shaman!!!