Monday, August 15, 2005

My Drug of Choice

I found that the GoBack program has an auto-revert feature that allows you to completely erase any of your tracks while you were logged onto the computer. I think this is pretty cool. That way I can install demo programs and play with them, then delete them without crashing my computer.

I found my drug of choice. Computers. It didn't occur to me until before the Sabbath that I spend on average 10-12 hours each day on computers. Doing what? Checking stocks, checking e-mail, defragmenting the hard disk, playing with encryption software, and getting my computer to run in top shape. Do you know that someone once said that computers were meant to save time? Hehe. That's a joke. Anyway, however I use computers, whether it be to waste time or to satisfy any compultions, I've gotten quite frustrated when I am away from them. Almost as if I'm experiencing a withdrawal effect. Just like most of you, I'm addicted.

I was wondering out loud to my Rabbi over Shabbos (Sabbath) how life would be if there were no movies, televisions, or computers to distract me. Would there be meaning in life then?

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Rowan said...

Yeah, be careful of that! My husband was once so addicted to computers that he wouldn't go to work, would ignore completely his family, did nothing but spent hours on the computer, he wouldn't sleep, had an "internet affair" and since I was so very concerned, I went to my doctor for help. he said he couldn't do anything since M had to himself seek help but that it was a common problem that he himself had to deal with with his son and he understood what I was going through. He gave me the gambling addiction help line since it is the same addiction he told me, only different medium. They refused to help me, though they had apparently helped my doctor's son, but I showed my husband the paperwork my doctor was able to show me. When things came to a head, thank god he stopped his fooling about on the machine, as he even admitted it was the only thing that made him happy and fill his day. I am so thankful I have him back, for a while there, it was terrible. Just be careful, K?