Monday, August 08, 2005

About being organized and learning shas.

It just occurred to me that I have so many books on Yiddishkeit (bookshelves worth), that there are so many I have yet to read. Apart from the fact that I get bored reading about even the coolest Chassidic concept, I have always had the goal to get through shas (all of the Gemaras / Oral Torah). Yet I haven't opened up a book in weeks. Shame on me.

Instead of worrying about all the mental issues that I sincerely feel at this point that I am making up in my head because I am too lazy to get to work, I feel that perhaps my time would be better spent getting on with my life. I have some major goals which have not yet been fulfilled. 1) Learning all the mishnas. 2) Getting through all the gemaras. 3) Finishing something simple like the kitzur shulchan auruch books, among the many others I've purchased. There are also so many maimarim and sichos of Chassidus that I have not yet learned.

I am also going through an audio set on Huna (Hawaiian mysticism) which has always been a fascinating metascience topic that I've enjoyed learning and experimenting with.

Lastly, I must have assumed the role of a tornado because my room looks terrible. Funny enough, last Shabbos it was spotless. I should clean it up again. The problem is that there are no closets in my house (my dad felt they weren't necessary when he was building it), so I am relying on survival tactics for keeping my clothes in order. No sweat. This is all about being organized.


Pragmatician said...

Hey I had a rental apartment with almost no closet space, we kept our clothes in suitcases.
It's not as bad as it looks and they don’t take up much space.

Rowan said...

I think you are taking the perfect attitude towards your life atm. Thats the spirit. Envelope yourself in work and passions, and forget about any potential illnesses, you'll drive yourself mad that way.

Your father built your house? Wow, is he an architect? or did he buy a lot and then dictated what he wanted? We are in the process of adding a closet for my son, our house came without one for him. There is a gap of 4 ft in the wall though (we've opened it up) where we can easily make one.

Zoe Strickman said...

He built it with his own hands. Something kept him going.

Rowan said...

So did he have to have permits? How does that work in your state? Here you have to have engineers and such, or was this at a time before that stuff? Sounds like your family is loaded! College for so many years, house your dad built himself, Can I trade with you?

Zoe Strickman said...

I think you've mentioned that you thought we were loaded before. Let's clarify. I put myself through school over ten years ago by working at $8/hr, if even that. My parents were split up and neither ever offered a dime to help. My dad has an okay job but I'll never see any of the money because he spends it all on dating women and himself. He built the house at night while still working his day job, piece by piece, room by room. He took on debt to build the house, in my opinion too much debt. He splurges to impress others but when it comes to what's inside, the house after three years of being completed has NO furniture! WTF? I went back to school in 2003 for my law degree. That was years since I was in college. I worked real jobs in the interum. Our family has NEVER had money because they don't know how to manage it.