Monday, June 06, 2005

Father: "You're going to China?"

I so do not like my father right now. He came home and asked me to do some legal work for him as if I were his personal attorney. Here I am, I have not showered since Friday, I am malnourished because there is no food in the house, I am stressed out because my law paper is due and it is not yet finished, I have been up all night for two nights in a row, and I have not even started to prepare for China. As for the trip, I didn't learn Mandarin like I planned to, and I do not know what I need to bring with me. I am not yet packed; I don't even yet own luggage.

I got upset at my father and I said "do I look ready to go to China tomorrow?" He said, "You're going to China?" He didn't even know I was leaving, let alone this week, and we spoke about this many times but it seems that he does not listen to anything we talk about. It is times like this that I feel so distant from him that instead of enduring another meaningless violation of a hello kiss on the cheek from him, I would rather punch him out and leave this G-d forsaken life.


Rowan said...

Wow. He didn't know you were going? That sounds like something my husband would say. WOW! 'nuff said.

lisainna said...

Your father sounds like a very self centered man. You need to face reality that this is how he is and accept it.

Zoe Strickman said...

Thanks to all three of you, even the one whose comment I deleted because of the rude comment. Obviously if I did not go to the store, I had more pressing things that were more important, namely finishing my paper before I got on the plane.

To the anonymous person whose comment I deleted: Please keep in mind that I am trying to maintain an environment of growth and peace. If you have a critical or offensive thing to say, please say it firmly, but nicely so that you don't instil your anger into the hearts of the other readers.