Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I accidentally made another connection, maybe.

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Rowan said...

I don't think you are stupid. We've ALL been where you are right now. I know this would probably go against your religion, but someone who I knew wasn't right for me, but continued to love anyway, wanted to break up with me. I was so hysterical (after my shock wore off) that I chased after him, down the street wearing nothing but a towel to cover me! I continued on this way for a while, him breaking it off, changing his mind, then in the end, he cheated and told me the following: "I love you, and we would have been fine if you hadn't found out about the others, but since you know now, I know that we won't work out. You won't be able to handle it." It took me a year to be over him at all, and many more leting go and forgetting him. The point is, maybe you have to influence fate sometimes for you to know just how far the people involved will go. Your telepathy might work, it might not, but like you've questioned yourself, I don't think you'll ever really know unless you try.

Incidentally, I am a firm believer in the power of telepathy. I sometimes wonder if I have inadvertantly sent knowledge to people when I didn't necessarily want to. Is this possible? Also, I have an instant judge of character of a person, I sense things. Once, for example, I told my friend not to date a man because he "looked like a murderer-rapist type", the next day, she told me she got talking with him and he had been incarcerated before for manslaughter when he was 11 (break in) and had been in trouble for sexual assualt, but she dropped the charges. UNREAL! Things like that happen to me all the time, it's like I can sense their karma or something. Problem is, I have always felt I was being prejudiced or something, so I end up going against my instincts, and then finding out in the end, I was right the instant I set eyes on them in the first place. Woe is me!