Thursday, June 30, 2005

Leaving Xi'an to Beijing Tonight

I have to take exception from my mood last night. It is a dark experience when I spend too much time introspecting. There is the point of view that a person shouldn't have too much free time because it is during those times that he gets in trouble.

My friends would say that even hearing about this, namely my hermit crab moments, that I pretty much have things in order. My bank accounts and finances are in order, my room is neat and my life is organized, I am well groomed, I have friends albeit I am not as close with them as I would like to be, and I have a family who I love and who loves me, albeit I am not as close with them as people say I should be. However, nobody is complaining, and people seem to be content with my relationships with them. It is only me that wants the closer connection that I don't feel is returned by others. I am guessing this is probably because I have higher expectations, whether they be through the morals I developed by watching too many Hollywood movies or whether they be through my own making. Nevertheless, I have passed two years of law school and I have made it through most of the summer program; I have 18 days left until I come home to Denver.

I am still thinking of traveling to New York City for the remainder of the summer, maybe to get employment in a law firm, or to revisit my roots in the music industry at the Metropolitan Opera and at least follow through on my investigation into determining whether I have an affinity for the music world, or whether I am just rebelling against my lifestyle as I have set it up. I must be back in Denver to begin my third year of law school at the end of August.

Other than that, things seem pretty quiet. I visited the Shanxi Lishi Bowuguan (Shanxi History Museum) yesterday after class, and I wasn't so impressed. I wish I were more cultured in that I wish that I received more pleasure from things of value. All I could think of yesterday while I was looking at artifacts and mirrors that were four thousand years old was that I'd rather be watching a DVD. In fact, to me it all looked like old junk.

Anyway, it's 11:20 am on Thursday, June 30th, and I must check out in the next forty minutes because 12pm is check-out time. I slept through my morning class because I was up late last night and lately my body has been requiring me to have relatively normal sleeping hours or else it just takes its sleep from my morning without my ability to wake up as I normally would be able to. I can't imagine that this is an unhealthy thing.

My train back to Beijing is tonight at 8pm, and so I will be leaving in a few hours to the train station. I'd do something more exciting in the interim, but being checked out of my room and having seen most of the sites with the exception of the Terracotta Warriors which I am not allowed to see because it is a tomb with dead bodies and I am a Cohen (priest) and am not allowed to be under the same roof as dead bodies, there is nothing more that I would be interested in seeing here. I will arrive back in Beijing tomorrow morning at 8am, and I will take a train to the Rabbi's house and there I will spend Shabbos.

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