Friday, June 17, 2005

Returning To The Metropolitan Opera

My goal in life certainly is not fame nor recognition in the eyes of the other, although it is foreseeable that from the talents I have been given, fame could come easily -- this is certainly not the focus. (I stress this is an endowment, not a personal achievement that could be credited to me). However, what is most important is living one’s life at the top or above the threshold of what was made available to a person by their Creator; I often ask myself whether we have a duty to use these talents for the benefit of others. For some time I have thought the answer was no, but I am no longer so sure.

The passionate quality of life and woman I believe would come from living a life such as I saw last night in the Phantom of the Opera and in my childhood experiences at the MET could only come when someone is living a life that encompasses those activities that would create that kind of experience. I am doubting whether there is such a disconnect between the existence of a religious girl and the theater opera house experience, and I am starting to believe that the two can co-exist.

I have recalled the name of my former mentor from my opera days and I have looked her up online and to my surprise, she is still alive! Now, 18 years later, she is still holding auditions for the children’s chorus. I have written down her information, and it is my intent that when I return to the United States, I will at least call and explore the opportunities of being part of the adult cast at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. I should think that my childhood connections could grant me access into this mysterious forgotten world from my childhood past of opera and music.

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Rowan said...

Zoe! I am so proud of you! I can't believe it! Congratulations on this self-discovery! You are making me feel good just knowing that you are about to do something wonderful for the world and for yourself. Best of luck, I hope that your connections can help! Good job!