Sunday, June 19, 2005

Get me Out!

I'd scream "get me the hell out of this room," but I already arranged it. My 300 lb Indian room mate has spread himself and his belongings out to the point that I walked into the bathroom and almost got my head cut off by a string he tied from the shower to the wall to hang his wet belongings. When I exited my bed this morning, I almost stepped into a pile of his used papers, and when I missed that, I almost fell into his suitcase on the floor in the middle of our small hotel room. When I went to exit the room, I couldn't find the doorknob because he hung his pants and shirts on the wall.

Not to mention that he was playing the TV really loud last night and he fell asleep with it on. Plus, he opened up the window in the middle of the night, which let in many mosquitos. When I went into the fridge to get some soy milk for coffee, I noticed that his non-kosher milk products dripped all over my food. Further, when I walked back into the room this morning after meeting with the hotel staff, I almost passed out from the smell. Lastly, I'm not even unpacked one bit and this room and its shelves are overflowing with his junk. I couldn't even begin to imagine unpacking -- there is nowhere to put anything. I would call room service to tell them to clean up, but I can't find the phone because it is buried somewhere near his mud. I'm outta here. I get my own room at 3pm today. Did I mention that I didn't even like him?

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Rowan said...

nah, don't think you mentioned your dislike for him, but don't think you need to! What an inconsiderate pig!!