Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ear Pain From High Pitched TV Sounds

Holy sh**! Doesn't my dad ever sleep??? It's 4:30am and he's walking around. I just had to chase him out of my room. "Don't talk to me in the middle of the night," I barked at him when he came into my room and started a conversation seeing that I was busy working. Now I'm all frustrated and I have a headache. Damn. I feel like I have no privacy here. I can't wait until I get a job and have my own place. I'm 28 years old, I shouldn't be living with my father, it's my fault for being here. Maybe if he had something intelligent to say or if I felt that he respected my boundaries, I'd hear him out -- but his conversations are always so dull and without substance. I'll be annoyed for the next half hour or so, I know it.

I wish I was more independent and financially stable. I tell people that it's a $10,000 decision to live on my own this year. I can get that money as a school loan at the snap of a finger. Each time I consider it, I have 20 people who tell me that its a bad idea and that I should save my money because I'll need it when I get married and when I start working. I pray every day for the day to come where I move out of here.

The Bad Son

PS - Now his goddam tv is blasting upstairs. I can hear the high pitched frequency noice which gives me a headache. I am very sensitive to these sounds -- that is one reason why I hate televisions. Even with the sound off, they are so f***** noisy and they hurt my ears and cause my moods to go all out of balance. Can anyone make the pain stop???

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Rowan said...

I'm back today! All I suggest is if you feel $10,000.00 will do it, go for it! Buy a house (don't rent as then you will have wasted this money) if you can and then you at least have invested taht money and provided the loaner with some collateral. This way, when you marry, you also have something to show for your trouble and you can become accustomed to running a household as well. If you can do this, you win at every angle (except having to pay back the $ of course :D)