Sunday, September 18, 2005

Reflection of the Women at Last Night's Event

I feel good about last night, although it was completely meaningless. I am talking about the club experience. The reason I feel okay about it is because the girl whose birthday it was felt supported and cared for which was my intention. I walked her back to her car where she was being driven home by two of her friends from high school. Then while walking back to my car, I picked up a jug of water so that I wouldn't wake up in my car in the morning with a hangover. I slept in my car because I wanted to go to a local Jewish community in the morning to pick up a few books at Kehos.

One thing that struck me as strange is that given that people are awkward and messed up in real life, you would think that once you get a few drinks into them at a bar or a club that they would loosen up and would become open and friendly. I've experienced that it is quite the contrary. Girls herd together like a pack of animals, and are more standoffish than friendly. Plus, I can't imagine meeting anyone in a place like that anyway. Besides for being there for my friend from law school, I was hoping to let my yetzer hara (evil inclination) out for a walk to do what it wanted, but it had no fun either. I suppose I am not missing as much as I thought I was by being religious.

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Rowan said...

perhaps they are more standoffish becausethey are afraid of being prey to other men who might take advantage of them. Just a thought