Thursday, September 22, 2005

Holosync - Not Yet Ready to Move to Awakening Level 1.

Last night, I received the next level (Holosync Awakening Level One) of Centerpoint's brainwave synchronization technology in the mail from England. I was excited to get this because it is in this level where they start to intensify the experience causing major things to happen in the neurophysiology of the listener. I currently have been playing the "Intro to Awakening" CDs for a few months now, and I was eager to progress to the higher levels of the course so I could get some real work done on myself and my physiology.

In the pamphlet for the new level that I received in the mail, the company outlined four elements that are required for an individual to know when he or she will be ready to move up to this level. One of them is that you should be able to listen to the CD for the hour session of the prior level sitting up, without getting knocked out from the altered state that the brainwaves create. I thought, "no problemo." I sat in a chair, put on the wireless headphones, and set my timer. I woke up on the bed three hours later from a deep sleep.

I guess I'm not yet ready to move to the next level.

Note: I woke up with the phone number in my head of a childhood friend of mine. I wonder if the number still works. I plan on calling it after Shabbos.


Rowan said...

That's interesting how you received a random thought like that, wonder if it came from the holysync stuff? That's neat, I've been thinking a lot lately of some gfs that I had when I was under 10 years old, I miss then suddenly.

Al said...

So tel me please if this Awakening Level 1 is the Awakening Prologue or prologue comes first??

Anonymous said...

First Awakening Prologue (around four months) then Awakening Level 1 (around six months - 3 levels) then 2, 3 etc..