Saturday, May 28, 2005

[Edited for Privacy. E-mail me if you have any questions.]

There is not much of quality to write about yet. I spent hours with my dad on Thursday night trying to figure out logically what was stopping her from moving forward. We had three rules that she told us: 1) it is not a health issue, 2) it will not affect me or our children, and 3) it is not a mental health issue.

After pondering for around 20 minutes, my dad said with a grin, "maybe she has a male organ!" I almost fainted from the thought because it could have fit the criteria she laid out. Other thoughts we came up with on our list were 1) alcoholic abuse, 2) drug abuse, 3) present effects of a past traumatic event. In the end it was none of these, and I was so happy about hearing her bad news that I told her that we should get engaged to be married right away. Unfortunately her head was spinning from our discussion and she told me to ask her another day and without making any promises, she is at the point where she would say yes. I later got the point that she wants me to get down on my knees and to propose rather than just talking objectively about getting engaged. She's a romantic, and I should have known better. Religious world or not, she's still human and she has feelings.

I meet her again tomorrow afternoon.


Daphnewood said...

Almost the same exact thing happened to me and my husband! That is so freaky. I pulled up outside a grocery store and he looked at me dazed. I was surprised to see him there too but for him the surprise made him look dopey. Later that afternoon I asked him why did he look so odd when we ran into each other and he admitted that he had been thinking about me and thinking about how much he loved me then there I was like magic! He proposed the next day after only 3 weeks of dating. That was well over 15 years ago but I can see the look on his face like it was yesterday. Thanks for bringing that back to the surface, Zoe.

It sounds like things are going GREAT for you two. However, I cannot believe you came up with ambiguous genitals! Women worry about the little things because they see the whole picture. I guarantee you, if your angel had that condition she wouldn't see it as a problem. Her problem would be finding the right undergarments for her wedding dress or wondering if you would freak out if she stood to pee. The big stuff we can handle great, it's the little things that throw us off. I better stop before I gender stereotype too much. Have a great day!

Rowan said...

Sounds like everything is going smoothly! I think she wants this as much as you do really. Best of luck.