Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Visual Distortion Experiences After HemiSync CD

Remembering how on Sunday I was a bull with curved horns breaking through the cement walls, each of which comprised a different subject area of Constitutional Law, I am now surprised at how different my study experience is regarding Trusts & Estates. After pulling what my rabbi joked to me as "doing a donut" (sleeping 12 hours) after my semi-all-nighter on Sunday, I woke up relaxed but worried that I blew too much of today sleeping.

More interesting than my day studying and burning the soup pot [because I forgot that I made soup and the boiling water ran out and the pot got ruined] was the effect I have consistently noticed when I synchronize the left and right hemispheres of my brain by using music beats and sounds that pulse at different frequencies in my left and right ears.

The after-effect that I notice is a visual distortion as if the room has crunched in the center of my field of vision. I feel a large vortex between my eyes which makes me feel as if I am cross-eyed. However I am not because when I check the mirror while still feeling the odd distortion, my eyes look fine. I suppose it is a weird side effect when both sides of the brain are going at the same time emitting the same frequency sound.

Logically, however, it would seem that a plausible explanation is that the brain only exhibits this true synchronistic effect of both hemisphere giving off the same frequency waves only when the uneven brainwave pulses are playing with the headphones on. The brain takes those different frequencies coming into each ear and it combines the two by emitting its own wave frequency as the mediator.

However, in reality, I am thinking that after the music stops, perhaps the hemispheres actually pulse out-of-sync with the environment because I wonder if the visual distortion is from the left side still reacting to the right side's former sounds frequencies and vice versa. So just as a person leaning on something that moves away causes that person to lose his balance and fall, so too perhaps the brain is still countering sounds that are no longer there because the headphones are off, so the frequencies emitted from the brain's hemispheres are distorted for a few minutes until the brain gets a chance to re-adjust to the environment.


Daphnewood said...

OK Zoe, here is where I give you a big head but try not to develop too much ego ;) I am thinking you are at genius level. A lot of advanced individuals have trouble with depression and/or mental illness (including rage issues). Also, this entry kind of made me think of those with synthesia. It is very rare but I have heard you can develop it if you try and since you seem to think and meditate frequently I am wondering if you have developed a low level form of synthesia. Here is a link about synthesia I found on google. I have class notes too but I would have to dig them out.


Zoe Strickman said...

I spent a lot of time on that site and I enjoyed reading the various accounts of people with synthesia. I'd like to know more about it because I wonder if it explains my tactile experience of sounds or the visual shadow distortions of my "friend" (4th paragraph down), or the seeing vapor images of my thoughts as if they were real (3rd paragraph down). It would be interesting if what you are saying is true, and if these experiences can be attributed to what you are describing. I will certainly do my research. Never knew there was a term for something like this. Is it a disease? Can it be tested?