Tuesday, May 31, 2005

It's 4pm, almost 24 hours since I found out that she ended the shidduch. I've been sitting by the phone and I've been checking my e-mail every few minutes all day with the hope that I would get an e-mail or a phone call explaining yesterday's events. Just as I started writing this, I checked my voicemail and I heard a message from my matchmaker. She wanted to let me know that the woman who is housing the girl will be calling me to apologize for this whole situation. My matchmaker was calling me ahead of the other woman so that I would not get disappointed when I heard that her message is that there is no change from yesterday. It seems like everything is over, so I will pick up myself from my depths, pack up, and I will move on.


Anonymous said...

She seems afraid to write to you. Perhaps you should write to her and tell her that you are saddened by the whole affair and, at the very least, want her to write back to you explaining what happened. You have the right to ask that; convey that sentiment to her -- that she can't just abscond without offering an explanation.

I don't know what's going through her head or if she'll change her mind. But I think she owes you a direct explanation, not one mediated through her landlady or shadchan.


Zoe Strickman said...

What makes you think she would give me an honest answer when in truth until now she has done nothing but deceive me and herself? Assuming that it would be tznius (modest) to write her and to re-establish contact with her after she broke it off so clearly yesterday, I don't think any answer or excuse will make things better, nor do I think her answer would be believed.

I am moving on and I am writing her off as a bad experience and as a potential lesson. As I said before, my trust was waning from the uncertainty she created to start with [that lasted over a week of seeing her three or four times, each time seeing her for around seven to ten hours]. AND, because she changed her mind again after our last conversation where she blatently lied either to me or to herself, it was at that point where my trust in her was lost. Anything that happens now would need to be from point zero as if I never met her. I am no longer comfortable with moving forward into an engagement after this fiasco.

I am now of the opinion that nothing further will happen. This chapter is closed.

Hirshel Tzig said...

Thanks for your post. Sorry about the break-up, I know how you feel. keep the faith, and remember, something better WILL come along.

Rowan said...

I think you have the right attitude about this whole affair. I think you are a very strong willed person and I admire your strength very much. If only we could all be more like you in the face of heartbreak...you are right though, chapter closed, I won't mention it again.