Friday, May 20, 2005

Holosync vs. Hemi-Sync

I got an interesting response from one of the technicians who make the Paraliminal CDs that I have been listening to. I've attached his response to my e-mail last night about the double vision here. I think his answer seems a bit hokey, but I'll go with the simple explanation that perhaps the double vision is coming from me expanding the scope of my peripheral vision for whatever reason I might want to do this [for what reason I do not know]. As a result, my focus (at least now in the beginning stages) is getting thrown out of order while I adjust. Who knows.

Added May 21st: I received two more e-mails from the same e-mail I sent to the three companies whose CDs I use for brain entrainment. I particularly enjoyed (and agree with) the explanation given to me by Centerpointe's staff, namely that what I am experiencing is sensory overload which will eventually force the brain to function at a higher level or burn out. Their e-mail is here.

Interestingly enough, Centerpointe's system is VERY expensive so I only have the first part (of I think seven) of their system. The Paraliminal CDs also have a licence to incorporate Centerpointe's technology into their system of which I own the whole thing.

*CORRECTED 1/11/2010* Monroe Institute is the owner of the Hemi-Sync technology which in my opinion has been knocked-off (and possibly improved, although I can't be sure) by the Centerpointe's Holosync technology. While they both do the same thing, Monroe's products are geared towards achieving various out of body experiences among other claims which do not pass muster with my hokey test. However, I find their progression from one brain state to another a step up from Holosync and so I purchased their full product. However, I would say that their response to my e-mail about having double vision is tragic and overly cautious; I've attached their response here.

While I can respect erroring on the side of caution, I felt that that the response from Monroe Institute was less than professional. If they are selling a product that incorporates the brain entrainment technology, they should know how to handle questions from customers when the product begins to work.


Anonymous said...

The Hemi-Sync technology has been around way longer than the Holosync technology by Centerpointe. Robert Monroe was one of the original pioneers of audio based brainwave entrainment.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Monroe seems to have been the first official organizations to provide this type of brainwave entrainment. But if you want something different and with a little more kick, try The Morry Method. The Neural Synergy track is pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

I have tried all these types of things and some are great at helping you to relax and meditate but some just give you headache. I am currently using "LifeFlow meditation 2.0", it uses newer technology than most of these older brainwave systems.

"Big G Express" said...

Less than professional? I didn't see anything "less than professional" about the response from the Monroe Institute. In fact, it was VERY professional AND responsible. It is just not clear what it was you wanted them to say to you that they failed to say. They do not treat vision problems via correspondence.

Hemi-sync has been around longer. The Monroe Institute pioneered research into monitoring EKG's to produce certain brain waves with this technology.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Monroe is the founder of Binural Beat technology, and I have to say Focus 10 allowed me to make contact with extraterrestials. Strange, but true.

Zoe Strickman said...

How in the world am I supposed to take that statement seriously at face value. Could you please elaborate a bit about your experience? What was said? What was the outcome? What feelings did you feel, etc.?

Hoshi no Tane said...

basically it sounds like the author has been mixing up tapes. This is not smart at all to begin with.

Moreover, not knowing which is responsible for the issue but still asking everyone about it, sounds like fishing for "hokey" points.

While I do agree that the Monroe response was surprisingly short, they're basically telling you that in the few DECADES they've been at it, it has never been reported to them, and such either it's an issue originating from other products, or something that may be particular to you, maybe even pathological.

if you ask me why your car engine makes a weird noise after I gave you a massage, sorry but my email response will be short too.

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