Thursday, May 12, 2005

I just added to the Analysis of Temperament entry. I thank Blogger, Google, and the world of blogging for the creation of this tool for expression. I think that this blog has helped me express and understand many things that I would not have understood had I not taken the time to write everything out. In return for the hours I spent writing, I ask as a favor that you all have me in your mind that I do well on my Constitutional Law final. Monday is creeping closer by the minute and I am beginning to get nervous. Thank you.


Daphnewood said...

you will do well on your final because you have kept up with your studies over the course. Those people always do the best. I will still keep you in my thoughts and prayers though because a little extra help never hurt.


p.s. keep me in your thoughts and prayers too because I find out my total GPA this monday and I need it to be good for grad school.

Rowan said...

Best of luck (though doubt you need it) on your finals.

Since I'm new here, I wanted to mention how I love that you are willing to explain Judaism. This is something I've always wanted to know more about (Theology interests me) but I don't understand a lot of the terms and meanings of things as I am not of the faith. I love that you often translate the (Hebrew?) for the reader. I hope you are taking this the right way, I mean it sincerely that I find it all facinating and not in the least in a judgemental, derrogatory or inflamatory way. I am an open, spiritually minded person. I love all humanity regardless of soemthing so trivial as their "faith". Love God in any form I say.

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!!


Zoe Strickman said...

Rowan: I fully understand your comment. Sometimes the Hebrew (or more often Yiddish) terms come flowing out of me. As often as I can, I put the translation in parenthesis. I'll try to be more thorough in translating without breaking the flow of the message.

JMO: I am curious why you don't have a username. I am also excited that you are reading the blog and that you are responding. Thank you.