Sunday, May 15, 2005

I wonder why my mother no longer calls me. She probably wonders the same thing about me, why I don't call her. I wish we were closer, but I could feel the distance because she feels that I insulted her husband when I wouldn't go over for Passover. I also insulted him in a subsequent conversation when I said to my mom that I wouldn't want a home like he has because I felt that his home was devoid of spirituality. How many inadvertent insults can a person take before they kick me out of their life? Apparently I reached that threshold and Passover was the last straw. Before Passover, I brought a few friends (newlyweds) over to meet my mom and her husband because I thought that it would be nice for my mom to have a female friend in the area, and her husband got insulted why my mom (at my instruction) used plastic plates and forks when she could have used meat dishes which were perfectly kosher. I didn't mean to insult him any of those times. I wish my mom read my blog and knew my thoughts. I wish for a lot of things I don't have.

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