Thursday, May 19, 2005

Unfocused vision - Could this be a problem?

Sorry for the disturbing image. Just a quick question regarding those visual distortions I mentioned in a previous article. After a meditation (brainwave entrainment) session, the visual distortions I have been experiencing are actually the eyes defocusing. I noticed it today after listening to my Paraliminal CDs (I know all this might sound hokey, but finding out how the brain works and actually messing around with it is a hobby of mine.)

Additionally, when I was driving in the morning, my vision became doubled and I was looking at the world seeing each eye's image as if each eye were looking straight ahead. This unfocused sight seemed eerie, but I read about it in my photo reading classes years back (one of the main steps in photo reading is to defocus the eyes and look at the pages in succession, almost as if you are photocopying the images and giving a suggestion for the brain to read the pages and to process them.) The problem is that while I was on the road, I wasn't reading and so the defocusing did not happen at the most opportune time. It actually took a conscious thought for me to bring the two eyes back into focus. I also experienced this on various occasions when I would come out of my brain entrainment sessions; I also experienced it this evening when I woke up after falling asleep watching television. It was a bit dizzying. Any ideas?

PS - I doubt that this is related to the general dark streaks and vapor trails that my eyes see normally. It has been suggested to me that the cause of this might be some kind of sensory overlap (synaesthesia) where the eyes are seeing something that is being perceived by another sense. For some time, I was (and still secretly am) convinced that what I am seeing is somehow related to some electromagnetic field [that I suspect can be interacted with (a subject that I don't yet know enough to speak about with certainty)].

The sensory overlap explanation makes sense because I am very sensitized to high frequency sounds and I can hear the sounds that a light, a television, and most annoyingly, the high-pitch sound that my palm pilot gives out. Often these high-pitched sounds hurt my ears and distract me. I often get headaches from the loudness of these sounds, and I get zoned out and I go into what I call "sensory overload" when I get too much visual/auditory sensory input (i.e. when I enter a mall or a crowded hotel). Perhaps the synaesthesia explanation for the dark streaks has merit because that would mean that what I am somehow seeing are sounds, and perhaps I can posit along these lines that what I am hearing is somehow an overlap of something that is actually visual in nature (although the sound remains when I close my eyes, as do the metallic grey forms).

Although this is a different topic all together, it would be very strange for me to learn that other people cannot see these metallically colored streaks and these shadows that always fill my visual field, that surround objects, and that take on their form. (Yet wouldn't it be cool if these forms were really electromagnetic as I suspect and hence an application could be that they might be harnessed as a sort of a radar such as those used by fish and soon to be used in car airbags and toys of tomorrow? See vaguely related article for a glimpse as to how researchers are using this technology in car airbags.) However, while I wanted to limit the scope of this post to the question of why my eyes were getting defocused after my brain entrainment sessions, and whether this could be a problem, below are two images that paint a good picture of what I normally see.


(Although the colors I see are generally more metallic mixtures of blacks, whites, blues, and grays.) Again, this is the subject of another topic.

Lastly, if any of you are wondering why I am not on my shidduch date, it was rescheduled to tomorrow morning. I will post how it went on Saturday night after the Sabbath.

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