Monday, May 23, 2005

I am Fearful of the Future.

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I don't know if you realized, but that last diary entry was not about clouds. Today started off as a productive day until I entered my house and all of the energy just drained from my limbs. I could hardly move right now, let alone get myself together to get the visa for my summer China program. I am overwhelmed with the sound of high pitched noises that have given me such a headache that I can barely focus. I know where it is coming from too; my monitors from my dad's security cameras give off a high-pitched noise and so does the satellite TV box. Will anyone please put me out of my misery and explain to me 1) why I hear these, 2) if others can hear this too, and 3) why there is such a strong correlation between when my mood gets depressed and when I enter my father's house -- is it the presence of all these electrical contraptions?!?

I should be jumping for joy from the events of these last few dates but I am more scared than ever. I don't want to ruin such a good thing by my overbearing personality, but by being passive I am coming across as weak and indecisive. I just want what is most convenient for her because my schedule is flexible, and she wants the same for me. The irony is that in our desire to please the other, I am convinced that our scheduled meeting for tonight will have been as inconvenient for her as it is for me. However, I wanted to convey the point of view that I wanted to see her, and then she told me that she was expecting me to take a day off before we see each other again, and when I took her up on the opportunity instead to meet tomorrow, she insisted that we meet tonight, inconveniencing herself so that she can conform to my schedule when really tonight is not that convenient.

My fear is also the opposite. I fear that I will smother her with my attention, but the smothering will be from my getting the impression and acting on the idea that she wants more attention when really it would be too much for her to handle. It is interesting because the message I got yesterday is that she wants this attention, but when I spoke to her today and she wanted the day off my heart sunk because I thought she would be very excited to push our meeting up to tonight instead of tomorrow. The truth is that I am likely making up all this in my head and that she IS very excited about tonight. I am just throwing myself through a loop of self-doubt and self-deception, and I need to focus and clear my mind from this nervous energy.


Anonymous said...

I have no suggestions on the meetings with her, but best wishes...

I hear electronic whines, too. I can hear monitors/TV screens in general, but when monitor is dying it is close to intolerable. I was around a disposable camera last weekend which made that whine when the flash was charging and kept making it as long as it was open. Two of the people in the room could hear it; two could not. It's one of those things I have learned to live with, and I can give people warning about dying monitors, which is, at least, something, I suppose.

Take care, have fun, try to relax...all of those things. :)


Anonymous said...

I don't have much time to write now, but why not propose?


Zoe Strickman said...

Wendryn - Is this also part of your experience? [Pictures at bottom of article; I am wondering if the two (hearing high-pitched sounds and seeing shapes) are related].

JMO - I'm on it.

Rowan said...

Will she, won't she? At least you'd know right?

I find your ways of "dating" incredibly efficient and interesting...I am obviously not Jewish, but I am open to other religions and only wish I understood more. I am rooting for you!