Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Last night was one of the most unusual nights I could remember in some time. I don't know what drew me to act, but I picked up a few of the books that I had in my bookshelf from before I became religious. These books were among my favorites and were the compilation of my life's search for truth until I left for rabbinical school almost five years ago. It was when the pages ran through my fingers late last night that my memory returned, and I remembered what I have been searching for. Before becoming religious, I was living a mission to understand the mechanisms of spirituality's influence over physicality.

Until now I have read the same words from these books over and over, but I was deaf to the message. It is strange how one needs to first be a vessel before one receives what is being communicated. If my life had not been set up to stumble upon religion, I would have never been able to link the psychological, the mystical, and the spiritual concepts together to form what I think might give people a tangible way to make the jump in evolution that I always knew was my purpose.

I don't fully have a grasp on exactly how I am supposed to do this, but I have a feeling that my purpose is to find and to understand the intricacies of the medium that causes the interplay between the fabric of reality and the spiritual worlds, and to learn the mechanisms as to how one influences the other. Religion donates a theology that while it carries the truth of existence, it does not openly provide the answer to how physicality functions. Rather, it tells us why it we here and what we should do to satisfy G-d's plan. Psychology gives us a glimpse into how the mind works, and through its methods, one can gain an understanding as to how an individual relates to the world around him. But by shifting the focus from the individual perceiver to the area causing the perceiver to be seen, we can adapt psychology to get a glimpse of his surroundings.

If a two-dimensional shadow could think, it would not be able to comprehend a three-dimensional object. What if a two-dimensional shadow could be taught to function in three-dimensions? What would you do if mind over matter became a literal concept? What would you do if the unity between the races could be revealed? I've been trying to figure out how to use my understanding of melting clouds because for years I have known that they are important, but I never figured out why. Today, the existence of the footsteps I am to take has been revealed to me. It will be my life's contribution to help people maneuver through their world and to gather a group of individuals to help facilitate this evolutionary jump.

Sound and music will be part of this equation. A tangible understanding of the soul(s), its function, and its influence on our interactions with the world will also be part of the answer. For those that want to apply this understanding to their lifestyle, a guide on how to make it all work will also be part of the equation. Solving this puzzle will create a new understanding and application of magnetics.

I have experienced this as a fleeting thought that lingered long enough for me to grab hold of it, as if it wanted to be caught. If I am lucky then this has nothing to do with mumbo-jumbo, but rather, it will teach people how to move and interact with their environment on more levels than with only the physical.


Daphnewood said...

Howdy Hirsch, I watched a movie in class the other day called "What the bleep do we know anyway?" It was kind of (ok heavily) new age-ish but I think you should watch it. I found some of it very useful and others I dismissed. Isn't it great to be an independent thinker? Pick and choose at will is my motto. Your post is making me get closer to rewriting the "touch" comment that the web-gremlin stole a while back.

Zoe Strickman said...

Any time you are ready to let your fingers start doing the talking regarding the touch article that is at the tip of your tongue or at the back of your mind above yet behind your eyes, I say "let 'er rip!"

BTW, I forgot to mention that the end goal in this research will be to produce a tangible model that WORKS that people can USE. Maybe this can help cause a leap in technological advancements while we are at it.

The world is full of funky philosophies. How cool would it be if we there can be created a guidebook that says "do X, then do Y, and get result Z. This is your world." What if when you did it, the cause of the results was not magic nor religion, but rather nature and science? (Note, I believe that as we get closer to the truth, religions in general will meld with science, and one will tell the secret mechanisms of the other).

With this said, I plan to leave out religion and philosophy from this equation, but ultimately to let the results speak to the individual by itself regarding the multifarious and tangible nature of our world. In the end I have a hunch and a hope that there will be no argument between religion and science.

Daphnewood said...

I am going out of town over night; sort of a celebration for finally finishing school. That movie I was telling you about starts off scientific (quantum physics) and leaps into more spiritual and biological functions. I think there is a website. The expressions of water was the most fascinating thing of all for me. I'll talk to you when I get home.